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Holistic Relaxing Massage

1 Hour £58       1.5 Hours £85       2 Hours £110

Phone / text / WhatsApp 07432495731 to book


50% payment is taken at the time of booking

Please see the TERMS AND CONDITIONS for my cancellation policy.

Personalised Gift Vouchers can be bought online for any amount and for any occasion. 


Holistic massages use the idea that all of our body parts are intrinsically connected and that the health of one part of the body can be benefitted from overall health in the rest of the body. 

Ideal for muscle tension, anxiety and alleviating daily stress for total rejuvenation.


Massage is essential for allowing the body to recover from both physical and mental stress we endure daily in our lives.

Massage pressure will be tailored to suit your comfort.

holistic massage

My holistic massage will focus on using massage strokes to relax and rejuvenate you physically Holistic by improving circulation and lymphatic drainage aiding the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells whilst at the same time eliminating toxins, releasing muscular tension and boosting the immune system.


Holistic massage also calms the mind and reduces everyday physical and emotional stress on the body, allowing your mind to take a break from daily life. It can also facilitate emotional release. 

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