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Health and wellness journey

Online Health and Wellness Journey

​Change Your Mindset Get Healthy . Feel Amazing!

with this unique 10 Module online course with Tracey - 

Mindset Mentor . Nutritional and Weight Loss Coach

Weight Management Coach . Professional Health Coach

Have you been struggling with: 


- LOSING weight and eating healthily? 

- LOW self-confidence, POOR self-image and LOW self-esteem?


 - food addictions, emotional eating or over-eating causing HAVOC in your life?

- an ongoing UNHEALTHY relationship with food? 

- fad diets that always end in FAILURE?

This journey to controlling your eating, repairing your relationship with food, losing weight, learning how to lead a healthy lifestyle, or whatever your goal, is done over a 10-module online course to teach you the tools to reprogram your mind and subconscious.

Fad diets simply don't work long-term. The diet industry is booming, we try again and again with different diets which set us up for failure.

Your subconscious has been programmed since birth with habits and sabotaging, limiting beliefs that you won't even be aware of. 

These need to change to enable you to move forward.

Changing your mindset and reprogramming your subconscious is a vital part of your journey, but change needs to come in small stepping stones to succeed in reaching your goal and to enable you to adopt healthy habits on a long-term basis. 

You will feel great and be a more healthy, positive, confident and productive person, which will spill over into every part of your life. 

The War With Yourself
Stops Here

Liberate yourself from food hang-ups, able to lose weight, embrace wellness and live a healthy lifestyle.


Discover that embarking on a healthy lifestyle can be a rewarding, enjoyable and positive experience.


Understand your own body and explore what works best for you when it comes to self-care, health and wellness.

Define your own healthy relationship with food that allows you to read the messages your body is sending you.

Learn to process your emotions and rid yourself of all the anxieties and traumas associated with your relationship with food

Reclaim your confidence physically, emotionally and mentally

See these healthy positive changes spill over into every area of your life

Emotional Eating

If you are on a  journey to transform your life then

I am offering this 10-module online journey to give you the tools to do so. I wanted this to be accessible to everyone so I am offering it at a price we can all afford.

Feel free to contact me for a chat to help you move forward and thrive in every sense of the word ..... you really are Alive to Thrive!

Don't waste any more time stuck where you are, make today DAY ONE of enjoying that fulfilling, positive, healthy life that you've dreamed of and deserve.

Tracey x

“The first step towards of getting somewhere is deciding you are not going to stay where you are”

Tracey Wyatt

Why Choose This Journey?

I am a Nutritional and Health Coach and have owned my own health shop

I discovered a passion for health while in Thailand where I owned a health food shop and qualified in Health and Nutrition, and Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition

I am a qualified Advanced Abdominal Therapy Practitioner 

One of the main focuses of this therapy is the health of the digestive system. All our emotions are trapped in the gut, where there are more nerve endings than the entire spinal cord, as well as 90% of your immune system. There is a very strong link between gut health, depression, anxiety and even the way we think! I can teach you how to keep it healthy and also how to release those trapped emotions that play havoc with our health.

Yoga on beach

I know how to improve your health to get your body working optimally

I qualified in advanced anatomy and physiology, and as an advanced clinical massage therapist, and as an advanced abdominal health practitioner.

I am qualified and experienced in supporting those with unhealthy food relationships

Whether you indulge in overeating, or emotional eating, want to lose weight or want to live a healthier lifestyle, your journey will be a positive one, done in small manageable stepping stones.t

I have a holistic view of healing and work with the mind and spirit to repair the body.

To change long-standing eating habits, we must first start by focusing on the mind to change negative mindsets and habits that have been ingrained in the subconscious for many years.

Your thorough consultation will go deeply into your physical, emotional and spiritual history to work with you as a whole person, and identify your negative blockages to repair them.

We will do a thorough consultation before the start of your journey and identify and work with the negative blockages and self-sabotaging mindsets deeply ingrained in your subconscious that you will not even be aware of. These negative blockages and mindsets have a profound effect on all areas of your life, so not only will you move forward physically and emotionally, you will see all areas of your life improve. 

You will learn the tools and methods needed to discover years of conditioning, negativity and bad habits buried in your subconscious and completely reprogram it to enable you to move forward.

It is all about changing your mindset and neural paths within the brain, and I can give you the tools to accomplish that.

Your life will be transformed in small manageable stepping stones so that you will WANT to live healthily and EMBRACE the new you without feelings of deprivation, frustration or negativity.​

What Will You Receive?

A thorough one-to-one consultation focusing on your physical and emotional health, present eating habits and what you wish to achieve.

Lifetime access to TEN amazing online modules full of audio lessons, life tools, nutritional advice, health and wellness education, supporting modalities, a complete yoga course, mindset mentorship, meditations, chakra healing sessions, self-reflection and SO much more.

Tools such as self-hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming to reprogram your subconscious to work for you, in order to override bad habits with healthy lifestyle habits. These tools will benefit you throughout your lifetime.

5 e-books / e-courses of your choice - select here

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Your Investment

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