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SOMA Breathwork

breathe and unlock your true potential

SOMA Breath’s overall mission is to empower people with knowledge, tools, and techniques to make positive and lasting changes in their lives. SOMA Breath techniques have the power to transform someone even down to a cellular level. SOMA Breath, considered as a whole, with its range of possible uses and applications, is a framework for total life transformation.

SOMA Morning Energised Breathwork Meditation

An online 45 min LIVE Zoom guided breath Meditation for more energy, motivation, clarity and focus. Experience how this revolutionary breathwork technique can supercharge your immunity, health, self-healing, happiness, manifestations and all aspects of your life.

This breathwork class combines instruction,  music, chanting, meditation and a sequence of pranayama techniques to release tension, boost your mood, and train the body to become more efficient at using oxygen -  all whilst giving you numerous health benefits!

Feel positive and motivated throughout your day!

A great way to start or finish your day!

SOMA breath motivated meditation

An online 45 min LIVE Zoom guided breath Meditation for more energy, motivation, clarity and focus. Experience how this revolutionary breathwork technique can supercharge your immunity, health, self-healing, happiness, manifestations and all aspects of your life.


The SOMA breath motivated meditation practices manifestation to help turn your vision into efficient action by creating a high energetic and emotional imprint deep into your brain stem, the seat of your subconscious mind.

This breathwork will fine tune your mind and physiology to create thoughts that lead you towards decisions and actions that you want to attract.

SOMA Breathfit

Every day for eleven days, you’ll get a video with performance hacks or habits that will help you to eliminate lethargy, tiredness, “brain fog”, excess weight, or other physical health problems holding back your peak performance and full potential. These breathwork techniques give you the power to activate your inner pharmacy.

Over 11 days you will cover -

Foundations   Correcting the Breath   Advanced Reduced Breathing Exercises   Improve Sleep   SOMA Physical  Exercise   SOMA Breath® Diet   The Power Of Intermittent Hypoxia   Functional Isometric Training (F.I.T.)   SOMA Breath® Yoga - Seated Exercises   SOMA Breath® Yoga - Standing Exercises   Your Perfect SOMA BreathFit Lifestyle   Bonus Info    

SOMA 21 Day Awakening Journey

 The 21-day SOMA Awakening Journey is one of the most popular experiences the SOMA Breath offers. It wakes people up to their full human potential! Online self guided or live group, A few hours everyday!

Week 1 - Initiation Phase

Week 2 - Awakening Phase

Week 3 - Soma Phase


The 21-Day SOMA Awakening Breath Journey was part of the largest study on breathwork and the brain ever conducted. Due to the compelling results of this study, Cambridge University are now working towards funding for a full clinical trial to get SOMA Breath into the NHS for mental health!

SOMA Breath of Life

The Breath Of Life Course is designed to train your body to use its own resources in the most efficient way possible – so you can live happier, healthier, and longer.

It is the fundamental Pranayama breathing course that has been taught for centuries by respected yogis around the world, which involves breathing in a 2:1 ratio of exhaling vs. inhaling (known as ‘Rechaka Pranayama’ or ‘prolonged exhalation’).

But, there’s a twist on these traditional teachings…

The material in this course has been spiced up and modernized with SOMA Breath Entrainment Audio Technology – making the protocol easy to implement and more enjoyable!

SOMA Breathwork for stress and anxiety relief

The ultimate toolkit to help you instantly shift from drowning in overwhelm, stress and fear, to thriving with clarity and calm.

You will receive -

Breathwork Exercise + Tutorial For Stress & Anxiety.

Scientific AUM - Tutorial + 2 Breathwork meditations to turn off stress and relieve anxiety instantly

Breathwork Meditation For Rest & Relaxation

Breath Entrainment Training - 2 Powerful Meditations to balance your physiological functions giving you deep relaxation and stress relief. 

Yoga Nidra Meditation - A calming body-scan meditation to help you relax and fall asleep

BONUS: Getting Better Sleep Meditation

BONUS: Positive Mindset Meditation

SOMA Breathwork Contraindications

Severe/critical diseases or infections that impair your ability to breathe  .  Any uncontrolled hypertension (usually after a heart attack)  .  Organ failure or late-stage terminal illness  .  If you are pregnant

If you have epilepsy, a pacemaker, or an irregular heartbeat you need permission from your doctor
This breathwork should not be done on a full stomach

Why SOMA Breathwork?

SOMA Breath fits into the category of breathwork AND the category of Pranayama, but it still doesn’t totally fit into either  category. 

SOMA Breath is a complete holistic system of breathwork which use the core Pranayama techniques that have the most scientific evidence to support their function. The main goal of Soma Breath is to correct your breathing and become more efficient at using oxygen by using techniques such as extended exhale, breath holds and breathing in beats, to allow you to get the many health benefits.

Other breathwork, such as Rebirthing, Holotropic Breathwork and Transformational Breath, all focus on one method that hyperventilates the body. These should be done with caution as oxygen creates oxidative stress in the body, and are not for regular use because of this reason.

Soma Breath is something that can be practiced on a regular basis and can only lead to positive health and psychological benefits.

SOMA Breath techniques are designed to be practiced regularly, some on a daily basis, and lead to improvements in every area of your life.​ These breathwork exercises become your toolbox of techniques that you can use to prevent or treat a range of issues that may arise in your body. Think of SOMA Breath as a means to activate your “Inner Pharmacy” through the power of your breath.

One of the key elements to SOMA Breath is the incredible music. The music we use in SOMA Breath is specifically designed to be uplifting, beautiful, and harmonic. It is designed specifically to enhance the journey, so that participants get to reach that state of neurosomatic bliss.

Signature Components of Soma Breath

​Rhythmical breathing to amazing music 

Breath retention on the out breath — holding a ‘no breath’ state to enter into intermittent hypoxia is where the magic happens and the health benefits as listed below


Positive thinking, intention setting, and visualisation practices

Some Benefits of Soma Breath

Improves brain health and cognitive function  Stimulates creativity and memory  Balances emotions Relieves anxiety and depression  Lowers inflammation  Lowers cholesterol  Stabilises blood sugar levels  Reduces blood pressure  Less risk of stroke, disease and cardiac arrest  Increases bone mineral density  Strengthens the immune system  Promotes weight loss  Reduces symptoms of depression  Strengthens the heart and heart rate variability  Increases aerobic capacity  Increases vagus nerve activity  Reduces oxidative stress  Releases anti-ageing hormones  Increases oxygen efficiency  Increases vitality and energy  Reduces stress and chronic stress-related health issues  Increases quality and depth of sleep  Increases long term overall quality of life 

Become An Instructor!

Become a certified breathwork instructor with world-class breathwork training for therapists and instructors, one-on-onementorship, and indispensable breathwork business growth tools.

The SOMA Breath® Transformational Coaching Certification Training is unparalleled. It's the only school with a pharmacy of breathwork techniques, all backed by scientific research.

This step-by-step program from the premier wellness and transformational school — SOMA Breath® — equips you with a holistic transformational skill set that  combines: guided breathwork journeys, functional breathwork, breath therapy, music, sound therapy, guided meditation, hypnotherapy, creative visualization, and NLP. 

It will set you apart as a world-class holistic health or wellness coach who can

- Create rapid and lasting transformation on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level for your clients, so they can heal in all aspects, awaken to their full human potential, and elevate all areas of their life.

- Design your dream life where you can choose how, when, and where you want to work so you can enjoy the freedom, income, and fulfilment that comes from creating impact and living your purpose.

- Elevate others while transforming your own life no matter what your prior experience is. Our past SOMA Breath® Transformational Coaches have come from all walks of life, 

There are 3 levels. Level 1 SOMA Breathwork Instructor, Level 2 Advanced SOMA Breathwork Instructor and Level 3 Transformational Coach. These can be bought separately or if you want to get to Transformational Coach you can buy all 3 at a discounted price

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